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Searching and posting ads

How do I search for music classifieds listings by City, State, or region?

You can find music and musician's classifieds in a particular city, state, or region by using the "Advanced Search" function. In the "Advanced Search" screen, enter the State, and/or city, partial zip code (usually the first three digits), or an area code. Select a "category" you would like to search, select "all of my keywords" and any other options you would like.

You can use the regular search box on each page to search ads from all categories that match your search words. You can also enter any of the above regional information in the "Search for" keywords box as well as entering several other parameters to narrow your search. For example you might enter "acoustic guitar New York" or "bass player Syracuse" (quotes are not required).

If you use The Auto Notify Agent, the system will send you an e-mail whenever a new ad is posted that matches your criteria.

You can browse ads by category any time by clicking on the title of the category on the main classifieds page. If you have some time on your hands, you can view all ads posted by clicking "Browse Ads". This will list all ads in the classifieds from the newest to the oldest.

Placing an ad for a particular region:

When placing your ad, remember to list the state, city or region you would like to get responses from in the caption so that people viewing the ads can easily see what region the ad relates to. When entering the information for your ad, you will also be prompted by the system to select the state or region the ad pertains to.

Click here for a list of the regional choices.

As always, musicians may place ads free. Anyone placing a commercial ad must prepay before placing ads.

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